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Unification of Italy (1830-1861)

  • In 1831 and 1848, Giuseppe Mazzini had sought to bring together the fragmented Italy as a united nation by forming secret society called Young Italy.
  • He failed in his attempts on both the counts and had to go underground.
  • The conservative regime seized this opportunity and took the responsibility to unite Italy.
  • The ruler of Sardinia-Piedmont assigned this responsibility to its chief minister Cavour.
  • Cavour used his French speaking skills to forge a Diplomatic and military alliance with France and captured the northern part of Italy in 1859 which was under the rule of Austrian Hadsburg Empire.
  • He was joined by the armed volunteers of Giuseppe Garibaldi and marched into the south .
  • They together drew out the Spain forces from Kingdom of Two Sicilies.
  • Following the success, King Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed the King of united Italy in 1861.