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The Strange case of Britain

  1. Seizure of power by Parliament
    1. The formation of Britain as a nation state was a long drawn process.
    2. The English Parliament had seized power from Monarchy in 1688 and was instrumental in establishing Britain as a nation state.
    3. The English grew in wealth and power steadily and started exerting its influence over the neighboring island nations like Scotland and Ireland.
  2. Scotland
    1. The Act of Union was signed between Scotland and England in 1707 which resulted in the formation of the  “ United Kingdom of Great Britain”.
    2. The Scotland`s culture and political institutions were systematically suppressed.
    3. The Scottish highlanders were forbidden to speak their Gaelic language, wear their traditional dress and large numbers were were forcibly driven out of their homelands.
  3. Ireland
    1. Ireland suffered the similar fate as that of the Scotland.
    2. The English helped the minority Protestants of Ireland establish their influence over majority Catholics.
    3. After a failed revolt by Wolfe Tone and his United Irishmen(1798), Ireland was forcibly incorporated into the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1801.
  4. Exerting British culture and dominance
    1. The British Nation was thus forged through the propagation of a dominant English culture.
    2. The symbols of the new Britain- the British flag (Union jack), the national anthem(God Save Our Noble King), the English language – were actively promoted.