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Napoleonic Code (1804)

The administrative reforms introduced by Napoleon were called as Civil Code of 1804 and also known as Napoleonic Code.

The following were the reforms introduced by Napoleonic Code:-

  • It did away with all privileges based on birth.
  • It established equality before the law and secured right to property.
  • It abolished the feudal system and freed peasants from serfdom and manorial dues.
  • In the towns, guild restrictions were removed.
  • Transport and communication systems were improved.

Change in peoples attitude towards French army and Napoleon.

  • In the initial stages, French army wherever it went in Europe were welcomed as they considered them as harbingers of liberty.
  • This enthusiasm soon faded away and people turned hostile towards French armies and Napoleon as there was no political freedom.
  • Increased taxation and censorships also outweighed the benefits of the administrative changes.